The Inception Button for iPhone/iPod Touch

UPDATE 4: I’ve release the Inception Button to Cydia – Enjoy!

UPDATE 3: I’ve changed my focus to Android. I’m not leaving this behind, though – I’m sure I’ll get fed up with programming Java for Android at some point and switch back to some smooth Objective-C and Cocoa Touch.

UPDATE 2: Per Cameron’s request (sorta) I’m gonna try to get this sucker into the App Store. Stand by.

UPDATE: Bad news – the app was denied due to its limited functionality. I also am planning to move on to my next project (a game hopefully running on OpenGL) rather than adding “functionality” to this Inception Button. If anyone really cares I’ll do so but I do not plan on it. Sorry people.

I have recently started to learn the basics of Objective-C and Cocoa Touch in order to create iPhone/iPod Touch applications. Earlier today I submitted “The Inception Button” to the App Store. This simple application emulates the flash application found here: I plan to upgrade this application to add retina display support, possibly game center support, and any requested features.

I will update this post and likely post again when the application is live in the App Store. Feel free to leave suggestions on the iTunes Store comments area or on my site here. I’ve also included screenshots of the application running on my iPhone 4 along with the build in xCode. Oh and the application is 100% free and ad-free… I’m not sure what I’ll do as I add more and more but there will always be a free version.

The sound clip used for the app is available for download below as well.

[download id=”5″ format=”1″]

[nggallery id=6]

28 thoughts on “The Inception Button for iPhone/iPod Touch

  1. Nice post, i”ll be checking back to see when this baby drops in the App Store. Finally I can stop trying to imitate the inception sound.

  2. Hey. This is iHowiz. Please email me because yours looks way better than ours (we used a different button). Me and my friend are only in high school so we”d be looking forward to seeing how you implemented the sound. (When we did ours, the sound ran in the Simulator, but not on the actual iPhone).

    (Inception Button :D)

  3. “sidetalker”. I never got to see inception. But I watched the trailer and I lay in waiting for the BWOOOONG button. Having fun making apps so far???

  4. Haha I fucking loved the south park.

    “you give me the background.”
    ” dun bun boom boom dum cha nud dum boom boom cha skit cha boom…..maaaaaa(goat)

  5. Don”t be sorry to us. I”m sorry your first app got denied. Send me pic updates on game. I can help with ideas if u hit a mental wall. Gl ”k”

  6. Hey, can you please send me the sound clip? The download link isn”t working.
    I want to change my windows logon sound to this.

  7. Would seriously like this for an app. Please don’t give up on it D: I find it interesting and useful in my everyday life. You’ve no idea how dramatic my life is. Please create it please.

  8. Yeah, I know. At this point it’s just me being to busy and not enough people in the world caring about the app to go and make it. If somebody donates something I’ll go and finish it.

  9. So is this really not happening for iPhone? I would totally pay 99 cents for an Inception button.

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