I was asked to make some changes to a custom template program I created a year or so ago for Planet-iPhones. I had lost the source code so I started from scratch. The project was scrapped near it's completion and I was left with a functional program that generates pages easily customizable information. This program is intended for the creation of information pages for iPhone applications but has a plethora of uses. If someone finds a real use for this and would like me to tweak the program for their use please let me know as I would be pleased to do so.

Download InfoMaker (Version 1.0)
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Folder Size Shell Integration

This package requires .NET 4 RC or higher… View more information here.

Allen of Planet-iPhones asked me if I could make an option on the right-click menu that would copy the folder's size in kilobytes to his clipboard. I said no, not yet, and set out to work. A little less than an hour later I had figured it all out and he had his wish! If this you find this useful go ahead and download it below… If you'd like to make your own let me know in the comments and I'll follow this post up with a brief tutorial.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the .zip file below
  • Unzip anywhere
  • Run the install.bat file (it should prompt you for admin rights… if not, run as administrator)
  • Delete what you downloaded and you're good to go!

If, after following those instructions, the context menu doesn't appear for you go ahead and double-click on the SmallRegEdit.reg file that was inside the download. That should manually add the registry value and you should be on your way! Additionally, if you can't keep track of all of your money I'd be happy to take some of it off your hands – Donate!

Download Folder Size Shell Integration (Version 1.0)
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This package requires .NET 3.5 or higher… View more information here.

This is a fairly simple auto-clicker I created a while back. The hotkeys are editable (just double-click on the label text to the left of them) but the coding behind them is a little iffy so you might just want to keep them as they are. You can reset the “Test Click Area” by double-clicking the counters. Enjoy!

Download Auto-Clicker (Version 1.0)
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Mass Mailer

This package requires .NET 3.5 or higher… View more information here.

MassMailer was created mainly for my younger brother who was looking for a free way to distribute newsletters to readers of his Answers for Pilots blog. I was very pleasantly surprised while working with .NET’s System.Net.Mail libraries – I ended up being able to accomplish more than I thought possible in intuitive ways.

I haven’t done much testing or debugging with the application other than to confirm it actually works and is usable. I encourage you to post problems you find with it here so that I can do my best to fix them and release an updated version.


  • Built-in support for Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Netscape
  • Can be configured manually for any SMTP server
  • Send mail in HTML or Plain-Text format
  • Send mail to a theoretically infinite number of people at a time
  • Load email addresses from a text file (see usage)
  • Saves server information automatically (see usage)


  • The only problem I’ve come across is that emails sent seem to get shot down by pretty much any standalone, corporate, or school spam filter

If anyone has any knowledge of the header information generally sent along with emails and would like to work with me to configure my application appropriately please contact me.

Usage and Notes:

  • Recipient files must be text files with each email address on a separate line.
  • Body files can be text or HTML and will be sent as-is once loaded into the program.
  • Upon exit any validated server information is saved to a file in the working directory… This file contains (among other information) the email password you have entered. If this is a problem for you simply hit the “Clear Settings” button before quitting

I hope you enjoy my hard work… Feel free to donate to the site if you have some spare change and keep in mind the requests of donors will always be honored!

Download Mass Mailer (Version 1.0)
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