Automatically Delete iTunes Duplicate Songs with iDupeNuke

UPDATE: I’m finding more and more bugs as I use this. I wouldn’t recommend using it in its current state.

The various methods by which I accumulate my music often leave me with duplicate songs in my iTunes library. Having been fed up with the task of manually removing these files I decided to create a utility to do it for me. The project took me quite a bit further into the night than I anticipated however I was able to come out with an end product I’m happy to call a 0.1 Beta.

The utility is written in Java so it should, in theory, be compatible on both Windows and OS X. That being said, the only testing I’ve done has been on a Windows 7 machine and it was quite minimal. With the latest version of Java installed you can instruct iDupeNuke to remove duplicate songs in iTunes with the following code

java -jar iDupeNuke.jar

The program should proceed to analyze and neutralize any duplicate songs in your iTunes library.

I welcome suggestions, bug reports, and generic comments as I plan to expand this project and implement some sort of GUI. I hate Swing – if anyone has a recommended alternative I’m all ears.

Download iDupeNuke (Version 0.1b)
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