Introducing DreamRight

I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming and sleep science for quite a while… One of the best ways to improve lucid dreaming skills is to keep a dream diary. I’ve tried this in the past and simply cannot bring myself to wake up and immediately type out or write down my dream as it quickly starts to fade from memory. I’ve had more success using the voice recording app but I had no easy way to organize these snippets or do anything useful without exporting them. Additionally, it quickly became too much trouble for me even start/stop/save a clip when all I want to do is close my eyes again.

DreamRight is an idea I’ve been tossing around in my head for some time. I’m focusing my personal programming projects on UI/UX where my skills are most lacking and decided this project would be a great candidate. Here’s a standard use case for the app:

  • Enter sleeping mode
  • Have a dream
  • Tap anywhere on the phone to activate voice recording
  • Tap again to stop or wait for the configurable silence timeout
  • Rinse and repeat until morning
  • Tap and hold to leave sleep mode and save your dreams
  • Add notes, transcribe recording to text, share dreams, etc

In essence this is a pretty simple app. However, like most of my projects, I can think of countless ways to expand functionality. In my other large scale iOS project, Rise, I started with the utility and am leaving most of the design until later. With DreamRight I’ve decided to take the opposite approach – placing design first and only moving on to a feature when I’m absolutely satisfied with the design.

So far all I’ve done is create the intro screen along with a little helper I built to design the star animations. I’m working on the dream log view and then will move on to the actual sleep mode. If anyone with an iPhone is interested in testing I’d be happy to add you as a tester – all I need is an email address. Take a look!