Quiz App for Transfinder

I’m graduating soon and have been busy the past few weeks applying and interviewing for a handful of positions. One of these positions is with a fairly small company, Transfinder. Transfinder provides tools for school districts and parents to enhance safety and track a variety of factors for report generation. After a successful phone interview I was given a programming project for the next stage of the interview process. Transfinder gave me access to their API for three days and I was tasked with developing a program utilizing the API in some way.

The assignment was very open ended – there were no requirements on a programming language or specific functions. In the past year or so my personal projects have shifted mainly to iOS and Objective-C so an iPhone app was the clear choice. I developed an app that pulls data on students and schools from Transfinder’s API. The user is then presented with a simple quiz on students’ association with schools. This is a fairly simple description but the project also involved multithreading and custom draw routines. I’m very happy with the end result and it landed me a second, in-person interview. Check it out!